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Pricing for 2021-2022


Basic Processing:  Includes quartering, muscling & trimming into steaks, roast, hamburger, or chili.

Whitetail Deer   $120.00
Caping   $35.00
Quartered Deer   $90.00
Gutting   $50.00
Mule Deer   $140.00
Axis Deer   $140.00
Elk & Other Larger Game   $1.20/lb


(Tenderizing included in Basic Processing Fee, if desired)

Additional Products (Raw Weights)

Hamburger (20% beef)   $2.00/lb.
Bacon-Wrapped Deer Fillets
(from backstrap or hindquarters)
Link Sausage - reg. / spicy / hot
(minimum 12.5 lbs.)
Link Sausage - cheese or jalapeno
(minimum 12.5 lbs.)
Link Sausage - cheese and jalapeno
(minimum 12.5 lbs.)
Breakfast Sausage
reg. / spicy / hot / sage
(minimum 12.5 lbs.)
Italian Sausage
(minimum 12.5 lbs.)
Summer Sausage - regular, cheese or jalapeno
(minimum of 4lbs.)
(add cheese and jalapeno)

Venison Chorizo
(minimum 10 lbs.)
Venison Jerky
(minimum 5 lbs.)
Snack Sticks
(minimum of 10lbs.)
Stew Meat   $2.00/lb.
Deer Storage
(if space is available)
Deposit on All Processing   $100.00